Awesome dudes, sandwich makers. Purveyors of the post-awesome.

Fresh off the release of "Shoot Yer Body Baby" Rhubarb, for some 15 years now has been laying down some seriously twisted psychedelic funk. more drummers than Spinal Tap have killed off have passed through the ranks, and every one of them left a bit of their presence behind; In the process, aiding in the full blossoming of the wildly irreverent, left-leaning, but always danceable Rhubarb sound. 

Deep pockets, soulful grooves, and a whacked-out sense of humor combine when Rhubarb’s members share the stage. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. 
“Shoot Yer Body Baby” is Rhubarb’s latest release: Nine tracks of grimy, pockmarked, post-awesome rock, deep funk, glitchy fuzz. 

Members of Rhubarb can be regularly found helping corner bars control their bourbon surplus. Paying tolls on the NYS thruway, making sandwiches, trying to come up with names for instrumental songs that have little or no meaning at all, and…. mostly, trying to get Twitter followers.


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